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Maryam Goormaghtigh, ArteFr, 2017


Tina Gorjanc is a design researcher specializing in material exploration for products, trend forecasting and speculative scenario development. She is most recognized for her work that merges the practices of speculative and critical product design with scientific procedures. Her creative practice has caught the attention of some of the biggest media companies as she has worked with established international institutions and organisations worldwide.

Tina has introduced pioneering approaches to design thinking workshops, client commissions, creative consultancy and education. Get in touch to collaborate or for more details.

2017 A’Design Award, Como, Italy
Silver A’Design Award Winner: Public Awareness, Volunteerism and Society design

2017 A’Design Award, Como, Italy
Top 10 designers of the world for the year 2017/2018: Fashion, Apparel and Garment Design

2016 Mullenlowe Group, UK
Nova Award - Most exceptional student work from Central Saint Martins, year 2015/2016: 1st Runner-up

2015 A’Design Award, Como, Italy
Silver A’Design Award Winner: Fashion, Apparel and Garment Design

2014 - 2015 Zois Award
Slovenian Government Human Resources Department, Slovenia: Top 5% students of the year 2014/2015

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June 2019 @ The Museu del Disseny de Barcelona

(Barcelona Design Museum), Barcelona, Sapin

Good Design Is...Innovation: Barcelona Design Week

April 2019 @ Somerset House, London, UK

Progress to Process - Interwoven: Future Textiles


April 2019 @ Vetrinjski Dvor, Maribor, Slovenia

SpeculativeEdu: Future Friends


October 2018 @ Centro Cultural De España En México, New Mexico

E-Cuerpo: Fashion as a Platform For Scientific Innovation and Critical Evaluation

September 2018 @ The Future Laboratory, London, UK

Material Far Futures, London Design Festival


May 2018 @ Artez University, Arnhem, Netherlands

Fashion Colloquium: Searching For The New Luxury: Ecosystems


December 2017 @ Dubai Design District, Dubai

Echo Dubai, Pure Human: Designing the future of bodily materials 


May 2017 @ Barra de Ferro, EINA Espai, Barcelona

Demo Adi 2017


February 2017 @ Makerversity, Somerset House, London

Sustainable Textile Now!, Breakfast Club


December 2016 @ Royal College of Art, London

Vital Matter: Growing biological materials


November 2016 @ Parsons School of Design, New York,

Biofabricate: What rights to our genetic information?


September 2016 @ The Goldsmith Centre, London,

Post-Resource Economy by The Future Laboratory, London Design Festival


September 2016 @ Lethaby Gallery, Central Saint Martins, London,

Brain Waves: Future Bodies

May 2023 -May 2019 @ MAK, Vienna, Austria

Vienna Biennale for Change: Design Labor

April 2019 @ Somerset House, London, UK

Proces to Proces: Interwoven

January-March 2019 @ Science Gallery London, London, UK

Spare Parts: Rethinking Human Repair

May-July 2018 @ Artez University, Arnhem, Netherlands

Fashion Colloquium: Searching for the New Luxury

March 2018 @ Science Gallery, Dublin, Ireland

Fake: If it Gets the Job Done, Who Cares

October-December 2018 @ Westfield White City, London, UK

Biotech Week: Window Display

September 2018 @ The Future Laboratory, London, UK

Material Far Futures, London Design Festival

September-October 2018 @ Gyre Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

Eye Of Gyre

December 2017 @ D3 - Dubai Design District, Dubai, UAE​

Echo Dubai

October 2017, Mudam, Luxembourg

Fashion Geek

December 2016 @ Kings Place, London, UK

Most Contagious

November 2016 @ Parsons School Of Design, New York, US


September-October 2016 @ Lethaby Gallery, London, UK

Brain Waves, London Design Festival

September 2016 @ Goldsmith Center, London, UK

Post-Resource Economy by The Future Laboratory

June 2016 @ Central Saint Martins, London, UK

MA Material Futures Degree Show

April 2016 @ Ventura Labrate, Milan, Italy

Milan Design Week

Selected media

2019, ‘The self-donor workshop’, HIGGS, Issue 3


2019, ‘Pure Human’, Speculations: Beyond Human-Centered Design, 207 - 210


2018, ‘Hyper-Real Sensuality’, Viewpoint: The design futures book, Issue 41


2018, ‘Phylogenetic Atelier’, HIGGS, Issue 2

2018, Viewpoint #41 - The Tactility Issue


2017 E-Squared Magazine – Art + Science | Culture, Issue 3


2017, ‘Future Forecast’, Design Exchange Magazine, Issue 14


2017, ‘Pure Human 0.01’, HIGGS, Issue 1


2016, ‘Future technology: Second skin’, Textile View Magazine, Issue 115, 302-303


2019, Geraldine Wharry

2019, Metal Magazine


2019, Labiotec

2018, Labiotec


2017, Vice Media


2016, Trend Tablet

2016, Guardian


2016, New York Times


2016, Dezeen



2019, Underpinned


2017, Arte FR

2017, Vice

CLients & COllaborators

Tina consulted for some of the worlds leading companies and organizations as well as produced creative commissions and workshops focused on material development, critical design thinking, future-proofing strategies, design methodologies, speculative applications and creative education enabled by partners and collaborators:

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