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Body spam_2nd step applicator.jpg
Body Spam Branded Skin.jpg

Project developed on the Material Futures Course,

Central Saint Martins School of Art and Design.

Body spam:

human skin as a new advertisement vEichle

04   /   2015

Synthetic bacterial systems can already support programmed pattern formation. They involve cell-to-cell communication and intracellular signal processing. Without natural immunity from the new types of synthetic agents, infection rates could rise high, increasing sales of vitamins and health remedies.

World’s leading companies could quickly see the opportunity to promote their brand identity through programmable rushes. Body Spam will be redesigned with one agenda in mind, to make money, and will be by definition mostly harmful to the human body.


The advertising with bio spam will allow people to have an active role in the process. Synthetically engineered agents are going to be activated by consumption of a specific product, which will produce receiver cells that will allow rash formation in the shape of a selected company’s logo, recognisable sign or short slogan. The effect of the agent will last for a certain amount of time and won’t be uncomfortable for the user. With this process a new medium of advertising in the business environment will be initiated, transforming the human body into a temporary advertising vehicle.

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